Kenko ECO UV Filter - 95mm

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Investing in the Kenko ECO UV Filter - 95mm is a smart decision for any photographer. With its affordable price and excellent features, this filter offers significant benefits. It effectively blocks harmful UV light, improving image clarity and color accuracy. The filter also acts as a reliable shield, protecting your lens from dust, scratches, and moisture. Its slim design ensures compatibility with various lenses without compromising image quality. Additionally, the filter's durable construction guarantees long-lasting use.

By purchasing the Kenko ECO UV Filter - 95mm, you not only enhance your photography but also safeguard your valuable lens investment. It's a cost-effective solution that provides peace of mind and ensures your images are captured with utmost quality.

Kenko Multi-Coated UV Filter - 95mm

The Kenko MC UV Filter not only will remove UV rays from affecting your images, but it will also protect the front element of your lens from damage.

The Kenko UV Filter is digitally multi coated to help prevent ghosting and makes sure that this filter will only help your images, rather than ruin them.

Cameras Direct is the Kenko Australia authorised reseller. Full Kenko Australia warranty applies.

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Manufacturer Kenko
Filter Type UV
Filter Size 95mm
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