Deity TC-1 Wireless Timecode Box 3 Pack

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The Deity TC-1 Wireless Timecode Box 3 Pack caters primarily to professional videographers and filmmakers who require precise synchronization of their cameras and audio recording devices. This includes those working on film and video productions, television commercials, documentaries, and related projects.

The system is also beneficial for event videographers, wedding videographers, and other video production professionals seeking to record audio and video with accurate timecode information.

In conclusion, the Deity TC-1 Wireless Timecode Box 3 Pack is a valuable investment for achieving high-quality results in video productions that require precise synchronization.

Deity TC-1 Wireless Timecode Box 3 Pack


The TC-1 takes the best parts of timecode box units from the past and brings them all together into a timecode generator built for the future. We developed it to fit into your workflow, no matter how you work.

You can wirelessly jam it from your phone or even wirelessly sync it from other boxes using our proprietary 8 channel 2.4G radio ecosystem. You can also hardwire jam it or use it to internally generate timecode and jam other devices.

  • Locking 3.5mm Timecode Port
  • Bluetooth 5.0: Max Range 250FT
  • 2.4G Radio; Max Range 
  • Works with the Sidus Audio mobile app
  • Supports all SMPTE Timecode Formats
  • Timecode Accuracy 0.5ppm
  • 1 Frame Drift Every 72 Hours
  • Showcases a 1” OLED Display
  • On-board Controls and Menu
  • USB-C Charging;  2 Hours to Fully Charge, Up to 28 Hours Battery Life
  • LED Status Lights Indicate Power, TC Sync, and Wireless Pairing
  • Includes Hook-N-Loop and DSLR Cold Shoe Mount


Using the Sidus Audio app you can control up to 20x TC-1 wireless timecode generator boxes from 250ft away. The TC-1 has 600% more Bluetooth control range than Bluetooth timecode boxes from leading competitors.

The TC-1 also features a secondary RF chip for syncing TC-1 to TC-1 devices from a range of 30ft.

With more devices than ever now supporting SMPTE timecode, syncing footage and audio in post has never been so easy or quick. With the TC-1 and other items (like the BP-TRX and the TC-SL1) you can use the workflow methods used by studio feature films.

The TC-1 timecode box features a TXCO with an accuracy of ±0.5ppm. And thru firmware optimization, your footage will sync perfectly when you go to edit with less than 1 frame of drift in a 72-hour period.

We talked to members of the sound mixing community and made sure we answered your concerns. The TC-1's timecode port is a locking 3.5mm TRS connector. Never worry about your timecode cables becoming unplugged during a shoot.

Supported Deity Timecode Cables:
• Deity C13 - Locking 3.5mm to 5-Pin Right Angle Camera Timecode Cable
• Deity C14 - Locking 3.5mm to 5-Pin LEMO® Timecode Cable
• Deity C15 - Locking 3.5mm to BNC Timecode Cable

Professionals will enjoy the integrated hook-n-loop pad on the back of the TC-1. Indie filmmakers will appreciate the included cold shoe soft-loop mount. And everyone will love coming up with convenient new ways to mount the TC-1 timecode box using the 1/4" or 3/8" threaded mount under the cold shoe mount

The Deity TC-1 Wireless Timecode Box 3 Pack comes with a full Australian warranty from Deity Australia.

Cameras Direct since 2001. Pop into our Gold Coast camera store & warehouse or order online. We look forward to being at your SERVICE Australia wide. We look forward to helping you take a better photo soon. Thank you

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Manufacturer Deity
Manufacturer Part Number DTT0272D81
Battery Model LiPo
Power Source USB Type-C
Primary Colour Black
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